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Welcome to the Home of Moving Your World

We are the International Removalist Team of Experts

Overseas container shipping services tailored to your specific needs.

Unbeatable top quality service and affordable shipping solutions for all your overseas shipping needs.

-Full and partial household exports from Australia to the World ✓
-20ft , 40ft and shared container services from Australia with SAILINGS WEEKLY!
-Door to Door ✓
-Customs clearance ✓
-Import services ✓
-Professional packing and loading ✓
-Secure storage ✓
-Marine transit insurance ✓
-Car shipping services ✓
-Cargo tracking

100% Price Guarantee, we will beat any genuine quotation under the same conditions!
Contact us today for a no obligation quote. No robots and no waiting times, speak directly to our team today.

Our international removalist team, based in Sydney, can help you to move overseas as efficiently and easily as possible while offering our best prices to you. Whether you are moving only a couple of boxes, all of your household goods, your car, or a large order of products, our service will move everything from your door to the port or door to door, tailored to your needs.

We offer international removals of all sizes, including shipping containers, cars or sending boxes from Australia to anywhere in the world

We cater to all of your shipping needs by providing you with a
We can assist with all of your shipping needs nation-wide, just contact us and one of our shipping experts will be happy to help you expertly and quickly.

You will not waste your precious time waiting on a phone to be connected to yet another representative who will ask you to start your inquiry from the beginning! Immediately after you call us, you will be connected to a knowledgeable professional who will be happy to assist you with any of your shipping needs.

Your email inquiries will be answered promptly and will provide you with comprehensive information related to your inquiry.

Need Packing? Loading? Insurance? We have you covered!

Cheap international shipping and affordable removals that are reliable and careful, and are fully covered by leading insurance companies, is part of our service.

With more than 30 years' experience in the business, we are the shipping company you can trust.

If you are moving overseas, contact us today for a free, non-obligatory quote.

We are one of the most competitive shipping companies based in Sydney and offering services throughout Australia nation-wide

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Shipping to the UK

Shipping from Australia

If you are moving back to the United Kingdom we offer great shipping rates to any UK destination. Our professional customer service team will provide the most competitive shipping rates tailored to your needs. Upon your request, our professional team will pack the contents of your home or business, load your goods and ship them to the destination of your choice at your desired time and place.

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Shipping to New Zealand

Shipping from Australia

Is shipping of your office or household contents to New Zealand worth doing?
Surprisingly, it can be very affordable to ship your goods to New Zealand. 
Many of our clients are returning NZ citizens who have found out that it is much more economical to ship their used personal effects than to purchase the replacements in New Zealand.
We also provide cheap service of shipping your cars to any destination in New Zealand.

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Shipping to the USA

Shipping from Australia

Moving to the USA? Congratulations on your decision! There are so many wonderful places to relocate to. Call us today so we can discuss your move in detail. We provide comprehensive Port to Port or Door to Door shipping service to all US destinations. Our US agents will ensure that your importation documents will be processed on time avoiding the new US penalty charges for late document submission.

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Shipping to Canada

Shipping from Australia

We guarantee excellent shipping rates to Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton and many other destinations in Canada for your goods shipped in a shared container or in a 20ft or 40ft container.
Whether you are sending boxes or a full container load, we can help you with very competitive rates for shipping, packing and loading into the container.

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Shipping to Europe

Shipping from Australia

Moving to Europe? Our extensive network of European freight forwarding partners and Custom agents, accompanied with the best shipping rates available to most EU countries will guarantee  the most effective and efficient moving quotes for your European destination. We are confident that we can provide you with the best price and surpass the quotes provided by the competitors.

Is your destination not listed above? Don't worry we provide shipping from Australia nation-wide to almost any destination in the world, just give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with our best prices to the destination of your choice.

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6 Tips to Avoid Stress while Moving Overseas

1. Think about the shipping requirements to your particular destination.

Checking for the cargo importation limitations and restrictions with the Customs broker at the destination country, including advice on duties and taxes that may be applicable to your shipment at destination, is very important. You may qualify for a tax exemption as a returning citizen of the destination country, therefore it is important to contact your local embassy to be advised.

2. Think about what do you want to ship overseas

What can you buy locally at your destination? In some cases for example, some goods can be considered highly taxable and you can run into high import duties to import them.

3. Define your shipping needs.

What is the volume of the goods you intend to ship? What is the commodity of your cargo?

We can ship almost any type of commodity including hazardous cargo, we are specialized in shipping household goods and personal effects overseas.

Our network of professional custom brokers and forwarders around the globe will ensure that the services you need at your destination are professionally processed on time and to your satisfaction.

4. What are the documents you need to ensure swift processing and clearance.

Ensure that you carry with you the original “Bill of Lading” or "Sea-way Bill" which is issued by the carrier. These are secure shipping documents from a legal point of view. The bill of lading/seaway bill will state where the shipment was sent from, any transhipment port, the final destination, and how many pieces are part of the shipment. It will also have a tracking number. It will not list the contents of your goods.

Also, you should create a packing list in English and the official language at the final destination of  your goods and ensure that you carry that with you. You need to include a description of the cargo packed into the box (for example kitchen utensils, books, DVD's etc), the count number (for example box 1 of 10). That way, you will know quickly and precisely if anything is missing, and if it is missing, and what exactly is missing , saving you a time and frustration at the destination.

5. Send your goods on time in advance.

Booking far in advance means you can secure container space on the vessel that best meets date of arrival at your destination. The shipping industry relies on origin ports to load containers onto the vessel, transhipment ports to transfer onto feeder vessels, and destination port to unload the container from the carrier as it enters city ports.

6. Make sure the big players in the industry don't play you!

What do we mean by this?

All of our quotes are transparent and you know what your paying for. Whether it be destination handling charges, destination terminal charges, destination documentation fees, we can include these in our prepaid shipping service meaning you will avoid being charged hefty amounts for the same service at the destination. Some companies do not disclose these charges to keep their rates competitive and the receiving party may be shocked when they realise that many shipping associated charges were not paid for.

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